Find Your Fun with Time Out & Crocs


Using Instagram's API to help users have fun in London


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Making modern technology work

We helped Time Out and Crocs build a unique interactive 'fun zone' tool as part of their Find Your Fun campaign. The nifty app pulled in data from Instagram's API to identify a user's 'fun zone' - the area of London where they upload most photos from. We combined it with data from Time Out's API to highlight Time Out venues and events in their fun zone or nearby on a customised map.

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A sleek experience on desktop and mobile

The UX had to take everything into consideration. What if a user didn’t have an Instagram account, for example, and what if they hadn’t uploaded any photos in London? A simple search by area meant everybody could get involved, and within the tool users could widen or reduce their search area and filter results by category.


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Optimising the interface

The tool would be particularly popular when users were out and about in London, so we focused on optimising the interface layout on the restricted size of mobile devices.

It worked.

The tool attracted 50,000 unique visitors during the main campaign period.

Time Out Crocs on Mobile