The Thinking Traveller


Web and mobile redesign to get users to their dream villa quicker

The project

The Thinking Traveller provides high-end luxury villas in a variety of mediterranean locations for holiday rental, they approached us to help them re-launch their site with new branding and an enhanced user experience.

The Brief

Luxury Icon

Website design refresh inline with new branding

Audience Icon

Restructure of content for simplified user journeys

Amenities Icon

Modern responsive frontend for backend integration

Navigating an ocean of content

The old Thinking Traveller site was content rich. We collated that content into a detailed sitemap and highlighted areas ripe for streamlining. We focused on easy and accurate search and filtering to get users to the content they wanted quicker.

Desktop first, mobile a close second

We collated that content into a detailed sitemap and highlighted areas ripe for streamlining.

Recognising the different use cases for desktop and mobile, we wireframed key pages to ensure the hierarchy and layout of content was considered for each device.

Mobile Wireframe
Mobile Wireframe

Reflecting a new brand identity

We then worked with a branding agency to reflect a new brand look and feel and tone of voice online. Attractive colour palettes, appealing fonts and inspiring visuals were used to create a consistent user experience across the site and offline as well.

Selection of the The Thinking Traveller icons

Exquisite villas, luxurious interactions

The Thinking Traveller deals in luxury. All icons, hover overs and loading icons were created to reflect the premium nature of the brand.

The Thinking Traveller search dialog The Thinking Traveller refine search dialog

Streamlined search and filtering

With hundereds of high quality villas, each with their own perks, filtering and searching were key functions of the site, as such we worked to ensure they were consistent so that users can filter and navigate with ease.

Working in harmony

We provided the in-house development team with built the HTML, JS and CSS for them to integrate into their system and we worked with them on every stage of the build.

The Thinking Traveller search filters dialog

We think the results speak for themselves