Prototyping and user testing creates a chart topping app

Screenshot of Radioplayer

An innovate radio app required an intuitive interface

Radioplayer is a joint venture between the BBC, Guardian Media Group, Absolute Radio and RadioCentre. As well as streaming live radio, the app had to pull through metadata related to the station and programming. It would play on both Android and iOS so we approached it as though designing two versions. They would use the same functionality and overall design but also feel native to each device.

Mobile Screenshot 1 Mobile Screenshot 2

Challenging ourselves at every stage

We began by wireframing the app to define the layout and key features and created moodboards to show our design inspiration. Clickable prototypes were produced to demonstrate exactly how we saw the app working.

These were then shared with target audience members to test and challenge our UX assumptions, allowing us to refine and rethink the product on the basis of real audience feedback.

Radioplayer team shot 1
Radioplayer team shot 2
Radioplayer team shot 3

Test and test again

We collaborated closely with Radioplayer’s in-house development team, working together to iron out issues quickly and smoothly. We re-evaluated and challenged our design at every stage, ensuring that not only did the final product match our vision, it worked beautifully.

The proof was in the launch; when the iPad app ranked higher than any other radio app in the UK, and users listened on average to over 50% more stations per week than traditional radio listeners.

You can revolutionise your radio listening here, on iOS or Android.

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