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Turning a complex business process into a sleek, intuitive user interface


Working together

The client for this product had quite a complex business process. They tasked us with taking their lengthy manual submission process and turning it into an easy to use digital product.

We spent lots of time getting to know the company, and involved them in the UX (User Experience) design process right from the off. After all, they know their users better than anyone.

Engaged and informed

We both agreed that keeping users engaged and informed was key. Our designers used wireframes to map out every important interaction a user was likely to experience, creating intuitive connections and sleek ways of displaying crucial information.

Wireframe and design comparison

Design that works

Importantly, our developers were involved right through the design process, so only designs that would really work made it through. Our designers were then constantly on hand during the development stage, making sure a compelling user experience was never compromised.


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  • Dashboard
  • Get Quote
  • Report Claim
  • Statement of Account
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Top notch tech

Built using the latest Javascript libraries and ideas from Facebook, React JS and Flux, our front end single page application works with complex data provided by a third party development agency to elegantly represent the business process.

We love it. More importantly, so does the client.