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Designing for complex data interfaces

Data can be perceived by some as complicated and ugly. However, here at Thin Martian we love drilling down into the complexity of different types of data and turning it into something beautiful. One person’s data trash is very much our data treasure. Recent projects have required us to create new innovative ways of visualising complicated data. In this article we’ll walk you through how we approach these projects as well as give away some juicy top tips to help you create delicious data designs.

Our top recommendations for everyday tools for designers

Here at Thin Martian, one of the things we love in digital design is that everyday there are new tools to explore, because digital design is constantly changing and evolving. We love experimenting and refining our working processes with new tools so that our work is always, fresh and up to date with the latest technologies. Here are some of the tools that we have been playing around with recently.

What’s next for digital? Future predictions for 2017

2016 was an exciting year for digital. As digital continues to grow, here at Thin Martian we wanted to give you an insight into what we predict will be the key things to keep an eye out for throughout the year ahead.

Setting your UX metrics

When we talk about User Experience, it’s tempting to think that it just means “does the user think something was cool, or easy to use?”. Almost as if it’s the final layer of veneer that tops off the clever stuff happening beneath the surface. But this would be a mistake. It kind of misses the point: rather like saying the most important thing about a pair of shoes is how great they look while ignoring how well they fit and how long they last.

Designing for Progressive Web Apps

You may have heard the term “progressive web apps” mentioned more and more recently, so what are they, how do they work and how are they used? We take a look at the key features of this web/app hybrid.

Stepping into Development

Alice joined us three months ago as a Junior Developer, here's what she has to say: Let me start out by saying I didn’t grow up naturally drawn to computers, writing html or playing World of Warcraft. I have stumbled my way into coding, via a bootcamp. So I had a few preconceptions about my first web developer role...

Why is jQuery still relevant?

One of our Senior Frontend Developers gives his opinion on why jQuery may no longer be relevant

Delighting Users - Adding magic to everyday interactions

Delighting users is a concept that is often talked and blogged about in UX / UI circles. Whilst ‘user delight' is a slippery concept it's widely accepted that special interactions are required to add an extra level of pleasure to user experience and that small...

UX chat: meet the Matalan User Experience team

The design team at Thin Martian are big believers in the value of collaboration and learning from others. That's why when we were offered the opportunity to meet up with some well respected User Experience teams from...

Project Simplicity - Diving into Dependencies

I've noticed a drastic change in my approach to projects in the last 6 months, and I'm not entirely certain why. I've always maintained that anything I write should be as simple as possible, and only go as complex...

Your users are never static, so why is your interface?

Your users will develop very specific, subtle changes in their interface requirements based on an ever-changing set of technical and emotional needs. These changes have become a point of urgency in today's multi-device...

The Modern UI Designer Toolkit

If you have been designing and building websites as long as we have then one of the biggest changes we are sure you would have witnessed is the sheer number of tools available which can help in the conception and realisation of your designs.

Thin Martian re-launches as an interface specialist

You've landed on the first blog post on our fresh new site (we hope you like it!). Find out a more about our why we have relaunched and why we're being a lot bolder about what we do...