About Us

In a galaxy of full service agencies, Thin Martian boldly goes to the heart of interface design.

We don't think any digital agency can do everything, so we specialise in doing what we do really well.

We create out of this world digital interfaces.

Combining the drive of a young team with the experience of an established one.

Designing with one thing in mind: to make life easier for your customers.

Core services

IA and UX

Or, in plain English, Information Architecture and User Experience.

Or in plainer English, this is the bit that makes sure users have a great experience on your website, mobile app, or whatever it might be.

We work really closely with you on this, mapping out a user's journey through your content. Then we make wireframes and basic page layouts, checking how smoothly they work with real customers. When everyone's happy, we move on to design.


Or, in plain English, User Interface Design.

Or in plainer English, the pretty bit.

We're good at this. Really. Our creative and technical teams work together to make interfaces which don't just look stunning, they work like a dream.

By focusing all our attention on the front end we can double down on the kind of details a full service agency might miss. The result? A truly immersive experience for your users.

Frontend build

Or, in plain English, um, Frontend build.

Whether you're building a product, a marketing site or a mobile app you know that your customers love simple, intuitive interactions. We know how to make them.

We keep on top of the very latest tech, but only so we can apply the best tech for your business. Whether it's CSS, HTML5, React, Flux (or in plain English, geek stuff!) we'll identify the products and platforms that meet your specifications perfectly while offering users rich, rewarding interactive experiences, on any device.

Oh, and we're team players. Collaborating with trusted backend builders, such as your in-house team, leaves us free to make world beating digital user interfaces.

Let's put it this way...

If you want to look nice, go to a department store. If you want to look FABULOUS, go to a dressmaker.


Meet the team

We're populated by digital experts from a variety of backgrounds. Here's just a taste of the experience and skills our team has to offer.

David Hart


As chairman, David is responsible for the commercial success of the business. Prior to Thin Martian, David had a background in marketing and publishing; working for The Economist, The FT and Pearson Education, before moving into digital. He was previously the Vice Chair of BIMA and sat on the BBC’s online advisory board. He currently sits on the board of Tepilo, Sarah Beeny’s online estate agency.


Rachel Wilde


With over twelve years digital agency experience, including some spent at large agencies such as Ogilvy, Rachel knows what it takes to run a project smoothly. A member of the team for five years, Rachel now heads up the agency and is there to manage the team and oversee projects from initiation to delivery, ensuring we are constantly delivering the best quality work and always adding value for our clients.


David Cruz


David is an experienced Digital Designer with a real love for Typographic Design and Interaction Design. Before joining Thin Martian, David worked at POSSIBLE on clients including Lacoste, Canon and Vodafone. He’s obsessed with creating engaging digital experiences that enhance the user experience. David is supported by other members of the UX and Design team.


Chris Bull


Chris is responsible for providing technical and operational direction across Thin Martian. He has a background in startups and software development, having been a key member of a number of high-profile software projects back in his native New Zealand. Chris is involved in scoping any technical projects, planning, decision making and managing the development team.