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Thin Martian

113 Shoreditch High Street

London, E1 6JN

A leading UX / UI & digital interface agency

Creating better digital experiences and products through human centred design.

113 Shoreditch High St
London E1 6JN 020 7253 0000

About Us

We believe in the human connection within digital products.

A user experience design agency with a mission to provide meaningful user-centred experiences that solve real problems through beautiful design, intuitive interfaces and technical innovation.
About us

Our work

We produce digital products and creative campaigns with informed UX and impactful design using the latest digital interface technologies.
Our work first item
A fully responsive site with the best user experience and finely crafted content that clearly communicates the TXA mission.
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Our work second item
British Airways
An app with ‘first class’ intuitive user design that makes life easier for British Airways' pilots and cabin crew.
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Our work third item
A sophisticated and well-designed tool to manage insurance quotes for fine art and antiques.
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Our work fourth item
A slick and seamless user experience for an interactive healthy vending machine.
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Our work fifth item
How Am I Going
A brand-new look & feel and web design for a performance review tool.
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Our work sixth item
Radio Player
An innovate radio app with an intuitive interface for both Android and iOS.
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We don’t just bring the rain, we bring the sunshine too

Our services

The key to producing any successful product is effective user experience design.

Our services are aimed at creating user experiences that are easily understandable, enjoyable and ensure your brand’s goals are realised. Our approach is based on improving the relationship between people, processes and technology through immersive discovery workshops, brand strategy, UX/UI design, user research and testing, front-end, mobile and app development.
Discovery and research
User experience design
Ui and visual design
Front end development

Our ideas

We’re Straight talking, boot walking, all day, every day, pixel pushing. Check out some of our ideas and designs on Dribbble.

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