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Thin Martian has joined forces with digital agency Codegent.

Together we form a world-class design and development agency.

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Thin Martian

Since invading London in 1998 we' ve pioneered innovative web solutions that have helped evolve our industry. Our reputation for intuitive design and smart technology has won clients such as Microsoft, British Airways, HP, Nokia, and The Guardian. We' ve also set-up and incubated several successful technology start-ups including Semetric, Tweetminster and the Cookie Collective.


Codegent is an award winning digital agency specialising in beautifully designed, content managed websites, campaign microsites and e-commerce solutions. We've developed a thriving mobile apps business, achieving millions of downloads. Our clients consist of BBC, Channel 4, Nestlé, the British Library and Skechers. We are based in Shoreditch with offices in Bangkok.

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Our clients

portfolio highlights

Over the years our work has won many accolades and Thin Martian has steadily climbed Design Week's Top 100 UK design agency list.

Here are some of our favourite prieces of work:


James Clarke

James Clarke

James' first post-graduation job was as a Web Designer, designing sites for international brands. He soon forged a reputation for innovative interface solutions and creative layouts.

Formerly Microsoft's Head of Design (MSN, EMEA), he co-founded Thin Martian in 1998, to build a digital creative agency with a better workplace philosophy. Working with clients such as British Airways, Microsoft, The Guardian and Oxford University Press, his focus is interface design, typography & online campaign mechanics.

James also spent 2 years as CEO of Musicmetric, one of our startup companies, leading it to raise venture finance, enabling global expansion.

Bradley Martin

Bradley Martin

Since Co-Founding Thin Martian in 1998, Brad has worked extensively across many areas including Design, Copywriting, Coding, Management, Creative and Operations Direction.

Prior to Thin Martian, he spent five years as Design Lead at World Careers Network, where he created websites for many global blue chips, which in many cases represented their first presence on the web.

Brad has also been focused on Thin Martian's sister start-ups, Tweetminster, Semetric and Cookie Collective, for whom he has provided creative, operational, financial and legal support.

His creative focus includes UI design, visual design, games mechanics and typography.